Bournemouth Beach Hut Association, Est 2009

Welcome to Bournemouth Beach Hut Association

Welcome to the website of the Bournemouth Beach Hut Association (BBHA), we're working hard to make this a useful source of information for the beach hut owners and tenants of Bournemouth so please keep checking the site.

The site has been configured with your current membership number, this becomes your user name on the website, your password will be sent to you in the latest version of the association's Newsletter. If you are a member of BBHA already and would like your log-in details to access the member's area, please email your name and membership number to and we'll reply with your log-in details. The members section is updated regularly as we receive new information relating to owning a Beach Hut in Bournemouth.

BBHA was set up to advise, represent and liaise with Bournemouth Borough Council and other authorities on behalf of the organisation's membership on all matters relating to the ownership of Beach Huts. The association is headed up by a committee of 3 and we are currently looking for a secretary, so if you feel that you have the qualities to help then please get in touch to offer your services.

Our committee have been busy ensuring that we have the support of local business's, these local business's offer discount for members of the association so make sure that you use your membership card to its advantage, this also ensures that the local business's recognise the support of our members.


First Login

As we have moved platform and domain name when we reconfigured the website users will be requested to reset their password on their first login, this is to allow you to set the password to something more memorable to you, this ensures that it is easier for members to login to the website, this is where you can find members specific content, forums, instant messaging, documents and more.

To make it easier you can also use your social media accounts to login to the website, these will need to be linked to your original membership number account, however once completed will allow you to login with some of the major social media accounts.


TIPS: Synchronise your different social media accounts to your BBHA account and log on to the site with your social media account. This does not store any of your social media account logins on the BBHA site, just uses the features of login to authenticate who you are.

New Features

Beach Hut Areas

We have been busy creating new features for the Beach Hut Community of Bournemouth with our online presence. We have attempted to include useful features on the site to keep you updated. Each Beach area contains Google Map Street View where possible so that you can navigate around the promenade to check where certain features are.



Browse historical Newsletters, check out the latest Newsletter from the newsletter area or documents of special interest from the Useful documents area, these may include RNLI, Bournemouth Borough Council Etc. We also have a membership application form so that you can print a copy of the application form and pass on to other beach hut owners.

Your Details

Please check your details associated with your account, these details will be used to send through the latest version of the Associations newsletter, this includes your name and address.

Members Forum

We have included a Members Forum, log on to the site and the forum is available from the Members drop-down menu, the forum is separated into the major beach areas in Bournemouth, go and introduce yourself in the forum to other members, this is your Beach Hut community on the web.

Hut Chat

Members can send other members an instant message through the website Hut Chat feature, a simple way of sending a quick message to a website member, maybe a question if they are going down to their hut on the day, or a method of keeping members updated on events. This includes the standard Emoticons and Smileys.


Owning a beach hut in Bournemouth may require a new owner to look for tips or tricks when maintaining their beach hut located in the salty environment of the local beach. If you have some tips and tricks that you feel would br useful to our members then please drop us a line and we will include the FAQ on the site.

Other Local Websites

Found a useful website in the local area, then let us know so that we can include a link to the site from the members area, this may be an information blog or events area, or a useful local business, let us know where you find useful for a Beach Hut owner in Bournemouth.


We have a google calendar driving our events area of the website, this means that we can include events around the Bournemouth Area that website members may be interested in, let us know if we have missed out any useful events.


We hope that you like the new look and feel to the Bournemouth Beach Hut Association website, please login and navigate to the forum if you have some feedback or requests for information to be included on the site.

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