Bournemouth Beach Hut Association, Est 2009

Waiting Lists For Beach Huts

Looking to have a hut on Bournemouth Prom?

The waiting list is broken up into several areas along the seafront and not all lists are open at any given time. The length of time you'll have to wait can also vary. Southbourne Beach tends to be the most popular list and so has the longest wait to get a hut, sometimes up to ten years! For the latest situation, check out the Bournemouth Borough Council article below.


All waiting lists are currently closed. However, when they open you can join by completing an application form and paying the £30 joining fee.

Waiting lists are restricted to Bournemouth residents only.

The exceptions where anyone can apply to be on a waiting list is Bournemouth East.

Proof of residency may be required.

Annual Beach Hut Sites

An Annual Site is where you rent a plot on a yearly basis from Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC). You will need to provide and maintain your own hut, as well as agreeing to the Annual Beach Hut Site Licence. Some sites are subject to a restricted licence.

Sites locations

There are 8 areas of the Seafront where the Sites are located:

Can I join more than 1 list?

Yes. You can join as many waiting lists as you wish as long as you are prepared to pay a joining fee of £30 per list.

Please note that once you accept a beach hut site in one area, you will be removed from all other waiting lists. 

When I get offered a site

When you reach the top of the waiting list and a site becomes available, BBC will email you to let you know. 

You’ll have 14 days to accept or decline the offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll be given information on how to sign up and how to pay for your site. 

If BBC don’t receive a response within 14 days, they will assume you don’t want the site and will offer it to the next person on the waiting list.

If I decline the offer or don’t respond

BBC will only offer you 3 sites whilst on a waiting list. If you decline all 3 offers or don’t respond, you’ll be removed from the list and will have to rejoin by paying the £30 joining fee.





Get In Touch

The easiest way to join BBHA is to head to our website Join BBHA
BBHA re-formed as an association to represent the interests of beach hut tenants and owners In March 2009 when Bournemouth Borough Council advised us that beach huts on the Seafront would be liable for non-domestic rates.
If you own a beach hut, download the application form on the Membership Form or request that we send you out a membership application form by post. Full details are contained on the form. If you prefer  01202 777317 or  emailing us