Bournemouth Beach Hut Association, Est 2009

Getting year round use from your Beach Hut

Year Round Use of Your Bournemouth Beach Hut


You don't have to wait for the glorious sunshine in the summer to visit your beach hut, make plans and you can have just as much fun in your beach hut over the winter. You may think that because the nights are drawing in, you don’t need to stay away from the seafront. It makes sense to bring most of your towels and soft furnishings away, as damp can be a problem through the wetter weather. Do make sure your hut is ventilated and nothing is obstructing the air vents to help keep on top of the problem.

However, downgrade your comfy loungers to plastic or wooden chairs for the winter and you can still enjoy sunny days at your hut. Keep a few sachets of cappuccino or latte coffee, teabags and some sugar in airtight containers, and you can enjoy a warming cuppa without too much fuss.

By opening your hut regularly throughout the winter, it will air it and help keep mildew at bay. You will quickly identify if any maintenance is needed and maybe keep on top things before the warmer weather arrives. Regularly oiling your padlocks should avoid that battle in the spring as you try to free a stubborn lock.

After a good storm you may find lots of more interesting pieces down at the shore line, this could be shells and / or driftwood, which can be taken home and dried out then used for decoration in sculptures and picture frames.

If you are after some inspiration check out some of the driftwood items on pinterest.


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BBHA re-formed as an association to represent the interests of beach hut tenants and owners In March 2009 when Bournemouth Borough Council advised us that beach huts on the Seafront would be liable for non-domestic rates.
If you own a beach hut, download the application form on the Membership Form or request that we send you out a membership application form by post. Full details are contained on the form. If you prefer  01202 777317 or  emailing us