Bournemouth Beach Hut Association, Est 2009

Development of overnight huts at Manor Steps

The overnight hut development has been completed and the new huts are now available to rent. All hut users at Manor Steps now have their huts re-sited to their final positions. 

If your access was restricted over the winter, you should now have received a rebate on your rent for last year. This was calculated on having restricted access for 2, 4 or 8 weeks. We have pointed out that in real terms, access was often difficult at other times due to vehicles being parked in front of huts or the Zig Zag being closed. However, as the Council aren't obliged to make any refund at all, they feel they have been generous in their calculations.

Overnight Beach Huts - Manor Steps - Boscombe, Bournemouth


The land train now stops in front of some of the re-sited huts but no huts needed to be moved after all, to allow for it to turn. We have asked to be kept informed if there are plans to put huts on the stretch of prom to the east of Manor Steps, in front of the terrace currently home to several of your huts.

Manor Steps zig-zag offers easy pedestrian access from Boscombe Overcliff Drive on the cliff top. The newly installed path lights up from dusk with solar powered lighting. Manor Steps also offers public toilet facilities, a refreshment kiosk and is home to a small manned beach office. I you are looking to stay in the new Beach Lodges then the Bournemouth Beach Lodges offer accommodation for up to 4 adults and 2 children. There is also an accessible lodge, and dogs are welcome.

For information and to book, visit the Bournemouth Beach Lodges website.

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